Our company is a complete manufacturing facility producing certified non-precious dental alloys in a variety of today’s most popular chemistries.  Our “Commitment to Excellence” is driven by the ability to service your company’s dental alloy requirements.

Our company produces Premium-Grade Cobalt-Chromium and Nickel-Chromium based dental alloys in dental ingot and dental shot forms.  We offer our own brand name series of alloys(Our company lex™) or we can manufacture to your required chemical and physical specifications.

Our company quality assurance program (ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 Compliant), supported by a fully equipped in-house analytical laboratory, provides the assurance that you will receive a high quality produced dental alloy product certified to your exact specifications.

Selective pricing of high-grade raw materials and our novel proprietary manufacturing process distinguishes Our aluminum suppliers as a leader in pricing, customer service, and quality assurance!