Before you choose a medical billing and coding program and spend thousands of dollars on education for a specific career, you should research the job you will be able to get out of college. You can look up medical billing and coding on websites like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Onenet to see the statistics and an outline of the duties you’ll have working on the job. If you want to get more firsthand experience and trustworthy advice, then you should try consulting some internet forums and asking medical billers and coders about their jobs and their likes and dislikes related to the field. They may be able to point you in the direction of an online training program or a career college that they attended.

If not, you can conduct an online search for schools. If you learn more easily in a classroom with an instructor teaching the information, then you’ll want to seek out a career college or vocational school where you will receive books and attend classes. If you are very self-motivated and do not have time to learn in a classroom, then you can go to an online training program. The problem with online school is that it’s easy to slack off or drop out altogether if you don’t have other people attending with you. Most medical billers and coders have education and hands-on training that is only offered through their program. A lot of employers are hesitant to hire people even if they have graduated from an online program because they lack the job skills necessary.

As you choose a college, you will want to consider what they offer in addition to classroom instruction. I recommend finding a school that offers an externship with a local employer so that you can network and graduate with on the job skills.