Find a Writer, Find a Photographer

One of the purposes of the Center for Writing and Photography is to bring writers and photographers together so that each may increase his or her rate of publication for their corporate photography events. To this end, the Center publishes a quarterly newsletter, Find a Writer, Find a Photographer. Each edition contains a database of writers and photographers who want to collaborate for publication.  The database is accessible to editors, advertisers etc. who may be interested in purchasing your work.  For an additional fee, each subscriber can have his/her own page in the Web site for their portfolios.  The newsletter includes writing and photography tips and “how-to,” new markets, writing leads and ideas, and techniques. Learn more…

Cost of listing and subscription
Macro Photography Stephen Maka

Steve Maka’s unique approach to macro photography will give you new insights and directions for your work.  This workshop will consist of an evening presentation on macro photography and a field trip.  During the field trip, Maka will demonstrate the use of the equipment and techniques he uses in the field to take knock-out macro shots.  The evening presentation and the field trip may be taken separately.  No discounts.  View Steve’s work at

Fee     Max         Date       Times       Location


    10             Thursday,  May 1

10             Saturday, May 3

      7:00-9:00 p.m.


      Thursday: Traditions of Wayland      

       Field trip:  TBA by instructor

Steve Maka has a background in fine arts and graphic design. His photography is published internationally and is on cards, calendars, posters, and billboards. He is an enthusiastic and experienced workshop instructor.

Writing Your Travel Photography Budd Titlow

To get the most out of your travel photography, you need to think like a writer.  Every time you take a trip, pretend you’re on assignment for National Geographic.  Assemble a photographic narrative, visually describing what you see and experience.  Document the “five w’s”, the who, what, where, when and why of the place you’re visiting.  Capture the people, the architecture and the food, in addition to the scenery.  Photographs of southern France, Venice, Trinidad, Costa Rica, the Galapagos Islands, and Machu Picchu will demonstrate the approach.  No Discounts.  This workshop follows “Travel Writing”by Christine Ridout.   View his work at

Fee Max         Date          Time         Location
$50 10             Tuesday, May 13          7:00-9:00 p.m.         Anderson Photo, Concord, MA

Budd Titlow is a widely published nature photographer and experienced workshop instructor.

Shooting in an Urban Environment Greig Cranna

Shooting in an urban environment has its own challenges and rewards.   Photographing buildings, architectural details, urban scenery, people and street scenes that convey a strong sense of place (Where am I?  Paris? Rome? Prague?) is not difficult with a few key skills.  This workshop will cover material that will help you get great urban shots at home and on your next trip to an